Academic Translation

Do you want your manuscript to standout and be a part of the published material in a reputable journal? Is your manuscript written in your mother tongue language and not in English? Prior to submission, at a3 we conduct professional translation and interpretation services to ensure that your manuscript is technically sound, field related terminology and contains no automated-translation errors.

What We Do!

At a3 we currently offer research translation services for traditional Chinese and Arabic languages. Our extensive services ensure that we convey the intended message by our customers as we translate and edit the manuscripts. Depending on the chosen interpretation, written clarity and facts will also be added in the manuscript. We ensure accurate submission of author meanings, adhere to technical terminology as well as journal writing requirements. This rigorous process mitigates any potential problems.

Supported Languages

a3 editors check and address all technical aspects of your translated manuscript, to ensure adherence to journal requirements. Hence, journal of choice should be provided when uploading your documents for a3 Translation Services.

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