Manuscript Editing

An a3 academic specialist will proofread and edit the English language in the manuscript. These range from abstract, thesis, grant, or academic book to make sure that the ideas are communicated clearly and accurately through the use of practice-area specific terminology.

At this point in time, our services are best suited for researchers with focus in applied science and engineering.

What We Do!

At a3 we edit your scientific manuscript to be publication ready. Our specialists are practice-area experts and hold postgraduate degrees with an accomplished publication portfolio. The assigned will carefully correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice while also ensuring consistency and flow throughout the manuscript.

We pride ourself in making this a journey between the specialist and the researcher and stive to achieve a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality.

  • Proof Reading
  • Popular
    Copy Editing
  • Scientific Editing
Service Proof Reading
Copy Editing
Scientific Editing
Grammar and wording
Grammatically correct words and sentences
Appropraite usage of practice-area specific terminology
Style and Format
Styling manuscript based on journal requirements
Overall structure, consistency, and general flow/articulation of ideas
Technical Overview
Technical review and feedback on the structure and technical soundeness of the manuscript
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Sample Work

Sample work of our a3 manuscript editing and manuscript enhancement.

Sample Work

This is an example from a civil engineering application, where the authors requested for a scientific review. They were matched with an a3 practice-matter expert who provided linguistic corrects as well as technical feedback to the content of the manuscript. The a3 specialist also complied with the numbering conventions relative to intended journal and updated the manuscript reference formatting as necessary.



a3 editors check and address all technical aspects of the manuscript including references to ensure adherence to journal requirements. Hence, journal of choice should be provided when uploading your documents for a3 Manuscript Editing.

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