Artwork Editing

At a3 we understand that the human brain responds to and processes images faster than any other type of data. Thus, making artwork the most effective way to communicate and improve the quality of the research. The a3 artwork services cater to the specific technical findings in your manuscript and shall comply to the technical specifications of your target journal. Our artwork editors come from both arts and science backgrounds. Making our artwork editors highly skilled in the creation of scientific figures and well versed in various publication conventions. Artwork Editing can take up to 4-6 days depending on the complexity of the information and data availability. This service can be obtained as a stand-alone service or packaged with Editing or Translation services.

What We Do!

Depending on the type of information and data available we are able to provide services tailored to the research needs. We are able to process various file formats. Our artwork editors can draw figures based on provided hand sketches and with raw data provided, we may able to quantitatively or quantitatively plot the data using Python or R libraries.

For ethical reasons, we are unable to make changes to brightness, contrast, or color balance, and we will not crop the image.

Sample Work

Sample work of our a3 artwork specialist showing esthetical enhancement.

Sample Work

Comparison between different type of discrete data. Data is categorised by a major category and a sub-category. To make it aesthetically pleasing and data-correct, we converted the bar-chart plot to discrete point plot, and used the major category as the legend, which the sub-category as the x-axis bins. Note how our a3 specialist in the after artwork converted the comparison from “load based” to “stress based” to normalise the effect of the area. The artwork size was adjusted to accommodate the two-column layout of the intended journal.



a3 editors check and address all technical aspects of your artwork, including resolution (DPI), color, image and file size, and more, to ensure adherence to journal requirements. Hence, journal of choice should be provided when uploading your documents for a3 Artwork Editing

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